Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My first hospital experience!

Now, I'm not a clumsy person. I take care not to take very potentially-dangerous risks and I don't put myself in situations where I'm likely to get hurt. I've never broken a bone. Never had any deep cuts/injuries. 

Yesterday was a very normal, boring day at school. I had 3 hours of English in the morning (yawn!) and was tucking into a laaaavely slice of pizza at lunch with two of my best friends at my side. A few seconds after I swallowed the last piece of pizza, however, I felt like I'd got something stuck in my throat. Not in my airways, thank god, but in my oesophagus. My friends started laughing at me as I tried to cough whatever was in my throat out while I laughed as well, but I had to run downstairs to the water fountain to try and wash it away. It didn't work, so they took me to the school nurse (I felt like a little year 7 again!). She was so baffled when I came in and didn't really know what to do. She suggested I try to eat more, so I went and bought a second lunch, but it didn't work. 

I returned to the nurse, who suggested, as a last resort, I try and make myself vomit. Embarassingly enough, I had to go into the gents toilet (to avoid the other girls in my school thinking I were bullimic!) and I had random male teachers ask why I was in there when I came out. 
That didn't work though.
Then, cue my horrible anxiety problems, I started getting panicy and scared and randomly crying for no reason. I started to go bright red, blotches and sores all over my body.  

My mum was called and I started getting faint and dizzy and was sent in a taxi home. When I got home, I changed into some tracksuit bottoms 'cause my whole body was getting itchy and awful, but I almost fainted at the top of the stairs. My mum had to guide me to the car once I'd gained a bit more consciousness, and she drove me to the local hospital. 

So I spent 2 hours in a hospital bed being seen to by a hilarious doctor who kept cracking jokes and making me feel a little less embarassed. I have an awwwwwful phobia of needles, but I was forced to get my finger pricked for a blood test, and an injection in my butt to stop me feeling so sick. Oh dear. 
Turns out I had a severe allergic reaction (to something unknown they'd accidently put into the school pizza!), tonsilitis (hence the feeling of something stuck in my throat), and severe dehydration (the reason why I kept fainting, feeling dizzy, and feeling unable to sit up for longer than 20 seconds without wanting to puke). 
So, this was my exciting hospital trip that I thought I'd share with you :) 

I got the day off school today and spent it drinking these vile sachet things with electrolytes and whatever else in them, having tomato juice and worcester sauce (YUM) and sleeping. 

Other than this 'traumatic experience' my life has been quite exciting! This weekend was a lot of fun - I went to my first university open day on Saturday morning, making me feel so unbelievably old! Then in the evening, I went to the joint birthday party of two of my good friends and got very drunk. 

My final exams are loooooooming. We're already getting notices from teachers about revising for them and preparing, I'm terrified!