Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Update: 08/01/13

Hello lovely people!
This is just a little update on my life as I feel like I haven't posted anything in a while. I thought it would be nice tell you about what I've been up to in the past week or so - it's been quite a good one! :) 

I started school on the 2nd which was ridiculously early and unfair considering most of the rest of country go back at least a week later, and immediately, all the relaxed-feelings and calmness melted away, replaced by stress and exhaustion. But to be honest, despite the constant stress due to the upcoming mock exams I have soon, I don't really mind school or the workload and the holidays were getting a tad boring/too unproductive!

On Friday, I got to speak to the mother of one of my friends about a career I'm considering going into when I leave school in a couple years. It was so useful, but has left me even more unsure and confused about the job as I was before! It definitely helped though. 

Then on Friday evening, I went to another friends house for dinner with a group of other friends. It was so lovely and I was pleasantly surprised with my friend's cooking skills - the food was brilliant! He cooked goats cheese and roasted tomatoes on toasted bread for starter, chorizo and cheesey pasta for main, and banoffee pie for desert (however, I was too drunk on cider and wine to have any room for desert - how classy! :S ). Overall, it was an unbelievably fun night! I love just hanging out with a group of really close friends, completely relaxed and content in each other's company. 
Howeverrrrr, 'events'... occured, and I must admit I did leave more confused than I came, and since then I've been feeling a mixture of irritation, confusion, but also insane happiness about certain 'things'. 

Saturday afternoon, I went with one of my best friend's, Emily, to Somerset House in London to look at Tim Walker's exhibiton 'Story Teller', which was absolutely incredible and I adored more than any exhibition I have ever been to before! I've completely fallen in love with his work, and haven't been able to stop thinking about some of his pieces since. It was truly beautiful. Me and Emily spent a couple of hours wondering around and staring at the hot guys skating around on the ice rink, then went sales shopping at the Topshop nearby! 

they serve delicious hot chocolate! 

gorgeous architecture 

this is a picture of the ice rink that I edited - I really like it, especially the purple hues at the top and defined white scratches from the skates!

Some family friends came round for dinner on Saturday evening, and I had a lovely, long, girly chat with the daughter who's a few years younger than me, but unbelievably mature!

Sunday was an unproductive day, I got very little work done and spent most of the time watching movies online, but it was rather nice to have a bit of a rest (which I obviously definitely needed after being back at school for 2 days!). 

I got the result for my art AS Level mock today - I got an A (the highest grade), which I am unbelievably pleased about, as it's nice to know that all the time I spent on it and effort I put into it payed off!

I must admit, this probably isn't a very interesting post for the majority of you, but I thought I would share it, just in case anyone was interested!

Lots of love, 
Ellay xxx 


  1. need to go see Tim Walker's exhibiton asap. love the photos. x

  2. So lucky you saw Tim Walker's exhibit! He's an amazing photographer.

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

    1. he's just incredible, one of my favourite photographers! :)
      i will do, thanks!

      ellay xxx

  3. such a great blog