Saturday, 29 December 2012

Spontaneity + travelling

Do you ever feel like packing up your camera, a notebook and some tasty snacks and escaping for the day? Or dragging a friend along with you to a remote beach in a not-too-near place, or a forest, or empty field, just to get away from the normal routine of life?
I love spontaneity with all my heart. I’m all for impulsiveness and sudden plans. As much as I love the anticipation of an exciting event, or to buy something, or see someone, etc. I’m an extremely impatient person and I much prefer doing things then and there. Recently, with school looming in the not-so-distant/not-distant-enough future and the thought of the boring repetitiveness of life in the New Year, I’ve had a craving to travel,  go somewhere new or do something unpredictable. I live in the south of England and with easy access to many different trains and buses, I find it quite difficult to resist hopping on one and getting off somewhere I’ve never been and exploring. However, despite this strong hunger for ‘newness’ and exploration, I don’t think I’m brave enough just yet to face the world (or rather, a little city/village nearby) on my own. And annoyingly, with this fear of independence, comes having to make plans with a friend that I’ve managed to convince to join me, meaning that I have to wait.
I don’t like waiting.

Brighton and Paris have been on my mind a lot recently. I would happily call them two of my favourite cities (is Brighton a city?) that I’ve visited and I’ve been longing for the touristy, beachy, fish-and-chippy feel of Brighton, and the elegant and classy atmosphere of Paris for a while now.
I’ve only been to Brighton twice and Paris once, but I knew instantly when I visited them that they were going to be places that I repetitively return to during my life, and of which lots of memories will be created around. I would say I have quite a reliable gut-feeling, in that when I feel like something is a bit dodgy/something bad is going to happen/something amazing is going to happen/etc., it usually does. I had a really strong gut-feeling when I visited both of these places that I was going to fall in love with them, and I have. 

the rather beautiful ruins of an old pier that burnt down years ago in Brighton 

 birdies on Brighton pier!

the pier - it's sooo beautiful. 


 a view from one of the tall buildings in Paris :P (can't quite remember which - probably the Eiffel Tower)

 another stunning view

I also have an unbelievable amount of love for Iceland. It's probably one of the most stunning countries that I have ever visited, and I’ve been incredibly lucky enough to have travelled quite a lot with my family and seen many cities and sites. But Iceland was one of the countries that completely took my breath away, literally. It is visually beautiful, the people are so kind and the general ambiance of the country is just so peaceful and serene.
I went with my school on a geography trip to Iceland last October (2011) and some of the scenery that I saw will be some that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

Strokkur Geysir

lava field covered in mossy plants (it's bouncy when you walk on it!)

Glymur waterfall

Svartifoss waterfall - my favourite

a glacier and some snow-topped mountains

we saw so many vibrant rainbows!

(If anyone would like to see more pictures or know anything more about my trip/recommendations for places to go for any reason, let me know! :) ) 

Have you visited anywhere that you felt a special connection to and felt inspired by?

Lotsa love,
Ellay xxx


  1. Wow I'm so jealous you went to Iceland!!! I have always wanted to go!
    I went to Paris & Brighton this year... Brighton is definitely a place I could go to on my own, I always stay in the Royal Albion hotel right on the seafront so that I am right in the centre of everything!!!

    Loving your blog :)
    Love Jess

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  2. ah such beautiful pictures!! i love brighton, it's always great to go there in the summer and the shops there are so so sweet

    have a great new year!

    hope you'll visit back