Friday, 21 December 2012

Ugly Days

I’m pretty sure nearly every girl will agree when I say 'ugly days' are the worst. Most of us, if not all, have them now and again. We’re girls, we’re not always going to be completely satisfied with how we look 24/7! But they’re annoying as hell, and typically, for me anyway, whenever I have them I just happen to have something planned that day for me to do, or people to see or impress. 

A lot of things contribute to the whole day becoming ‘ugly’ for me...

 Spots – I’m a typical teenage girl and just as I get rid of one, another three appear! I’m yet to find a miracle cream or gel that gets rid of them within a couple of hours (if anyone knows of any though, let me know! Haha J), and until I do, I’ll be a part of this constant battle against my skin.
My hair – sometimes I can leave my hair for days without washing it and my curls will stay intact and it won’t get greasy at all, but then there are other times when I’ll wash my hair and hours later, it’ll be like a mass of rats tails, or completely the opposite, and just a frizzy mess! Once again, a constant battle.
My body – I have many a ‘fat day’, especially recently with all this delicious Christmas grub everywhere! I always gain weight around this time of year and it really bugs me, but I have the worst willpower and can’t resist those extra roast potatoes for dinner, or hog roast baps at the Christmas fairs!
Friends and people in general – even a silly tiff with a mate or an argument with my brother before school can put a downer on the day and make me feel really self-pitiful and ugly.
In general, nothing going right.

When I have an ‘ugly day’, I act completely different to how I normally am. I’m quiet and reserved and feel unsociable and lazy. It’s crazy how much it can affect my self-confidence and today, typically the day when me and a few friends had a night out at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park planned, I feel as vile as ever. I had to stop myself cancelling on them and spending all evening in bed with Eastenders and a big mug of hot chocolate.
The cause of this spontaneous ‘ugly day’ is mainly down to the massive swell that appeared on my top lip this morning. Yesterday afternoon, whilst playing with my ridiculously hyper doggy, he accidently bit my face when jumping up at me. I thought it was okay, until I woke up this morning with a swelled up lip with a red spot in the middle of it. Vile. With a crazy amount of concealer, I thought I’d be able to hide it and get away without anybody noticing. Alas no, over the course of the night, it eventually reared its ugly head and I basically ended up looking like I had three lips, which is just lavely.
So since I’ve been home, all I’ve been able to do is constantly check in the mirror at the disgusting mass on my face and wallow in self-pity. Ugh.

Whether we like it or not, we’re going to have these days once in a while and I suppose all we can do to help ourselves is prepare for them. So I recommend massive, share-sized bags of crisps, chocolate and a good romantic movie, and you should be feeling better in no time J
I also find that a nice long chat over the phone with a funny mate also helps cheer me up as well!  

Love and hugs,

Ellay xxx